Insomnia Events : Your one stop shop for all your event management needs

Whether you are planning to host a huge wedding, throw the most happening party in town, or have to pull off a major event for a client at work, Insomnia Events is your one stop shop. Whatever management assistance you require, these guys provide it at the drop of a hat. Gedhi Route tells you all about Ludhiana’s event maestro :

First things first….

Insomnia at your service

Whatever constitutes the A-Z of event management, Insomnia provides it for you. As the name suggests, they work day in, day out losing out on sleep just to provide you with the best.

Artist Management: That’s a huge requisite for the pub owners here. Just in case you don’t know, Insomnia provides artists to all the happening party places in Punjab and Chandigarh. We owe a lot of happening weekends to them.

insomnia events event management ludhiana

Wedding Planning: They put the ‘Big fat’ in the ‘Indian Wedding’ scenario. From arranging the theme decor, awesome concepts for the bride & groom entry, unconventional jai-mala ideas, super artists performing at the wedding, providing the stage sound and live entertainment set-up to even taking care of the guests hotel stay, they do freakin’ everything. Multi taskers you see!

insomnia events event management ludhiana

Corporate events: They ain’t just meant for partying. With their expertise, they can pull off any event of any magnitude. Not just that, they might take you by surprise with their ideas. They know their market really well. Such a respite for brands and corporates looking to execute marketing events especially in the tier 2 market.

insomnia events event management ludhiana

Party Planning: Be it clubs or private parties , they are Número Uno in organizing everything as per your whims and fancies. Theme or no theme, they will make it the party of a lifetime with no glitches. They’ll even chalk out the perfect package for you.

insomnia events event management ludhiana

Hospitality & concierge consultancy: Yup, the minute you lock Insomnia Events, you wont have to worry about anything. Not even hospitality and concierge consultancy. With Insomnia, you get the best of everything even the best of hotel and luxury services.

 Social media management and consultancy: This particular service is for clubs, bar and party places. Insomnia would update your social media pages with all the upcoming artist performances, making you to be one of the most happening places in your city.
 Phew…. that’s quite a lot!!

Why go for Insomnia Events?

For fresh event ideas and seemless execution of events — be it the security or getting the right kind o crowd . As we said earlier, whatever constitutes the A-Z of event management, Insomnia provides it for you. Insomnia is very particular about choosing the right kind of crowd for their parties. Check out a glimpse of one of their parties!

The Insomnia Expertise!

Because Insomnia was a pioneer in bringing the party and band culture to Punjab especially Ludhiana and Chandigarh, their expertise remains Artist Management. Their contacts and rapport with artists reflects in the variety of artists they have in their kitty! In fact, people in Ludhiana are so used to partying on weekends courtesy the culture brought on board by Insomnia.

So what we are saying is…

Whether you are an ambitious bride -to-be looking for a great wedding planner, a restaurant owner seeking to add oomph to its party scene, an agency catering to big clients or an artist looking to make it big in the music scenario, Insomnia Events is the perfect manager to go to! Raunik Narula, the man behind Insomnia, makes sure that all your event management needs are met.

Contact Information

Insomnia Events at +91 9803800020 or check them out here on Facebook

Originally published at Gedhi Route.