Guestbox : A Wedding App loved equally by hosts and their guests

Venue. Check. Clothes. Check. Honeymoon. Check. Jewellery. Check. Event Co-ordination. Before you delegate that to your relatives and check that off, we’d like to quickly revisit the modern day scenario. Gone are the days where weddings were defined by traditions and the bride and groom had follow the ‘do-what’s-meant-to-be-done’s. Cut to 2018, the bride and groom today want things to be different, be involved in each and every detail and add a personal touch especially when it comes to co-ordinating their wedding. But practically it’s a herculean task to co-ordinate every piece of information, and keep everyone updated? And here is where our dependence on technology comes to the rescue. Tada! Introducing a wedding app loved equally by hosts and their guests — Guestbox. And as experienced bridesmaids here’s why we at Gedhi Route recommend it:

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

First things first,

What is Guestbox?

Guestbox is an awesome one stop event co-ordination platform for hosts and their guests. Be it weddings, conferences, or birthdays, the app assures a hassle free guest management.

How Guestbox works for both the hosts and guests?

To start with, you have to choose the kind of event that you are hosting. The guests are then invited by the hosts with a unique key to enter the event. Once invited, they find an elaborate itinerary of the event with real time updates. Everyone, including the photographers, can share pictures with each other and on other social media as well. Made keeping in mind the need of the guests, the app provides them with a fast dial connecting them to everyone they might need to get in touch with, be it the house keeping service or the event organisers. Isn’t this considerate and cool?

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

Why choose Guestbox for your Wedding?

The USP of the app lies in its adaptability. The wedding rendition brings out the best of the app. Along with regular features of the app (news feed, picture gallery & guest management) there are some special wedding oriented features:

The Features

Our Story The betrothed couple shares their romantic ‘jab we met’ journey with the guest. You won’t have to depend on the grapevine now to know the real story :p Blessing Wall A digital blessing wall where everyone can post blessings for the bride and groom. After all blessings lay the foundation of marital bliss.

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

Picture Gallery This is our favorite feature. You can upload pictures live from the event. Like, comment and share them on other social platforms as well. The official photographers can also upload. You can even create albums and control privacy settings. No more waiting around for those gorgeous shots that you especially got clicked for Instagram.

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

Our Family The bride and groom both share pictures, contact details and description of their family members to make the guests familiar with the family. No more guessing games about who the bride’s father is! Chat Super functional feature. You have the option of creating chat groups and individually chatting with everyone on the guest list. Didn’t we say that Guestbox has it all!

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

Event list A detailed event description enlisting all the functions, their respective dates and venues for the guests. The guests in return can send an RSVP to the host, so that arrangements can be made accordingly. Invites The app syncs all the contacts the admins/ hosts have and sends out an event invite SMS to all those they wish to invite.

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

Live News Feed Get real time updates on the functions and behind the scene tid bits. No scope of missing out on anything. Guest Speed Dial A fast dial feature with all the numbers a guests could possibly have to use. From the event planners, housekeeping service to brother of the groom you can find them all here, just a call away. The hosts can’t always be answering calls, right?

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

Fun Box This feature is for polls and questionnaires to create hype around the event. From choosing themes to conducting quizzes and polls the fun box is entertaining yet useful.

Guestbox Wedding App Gedhi Route

You’d have to agree, Guestbox takes so much off your hands…


Meet the brain, heart and soul behind Guestbox — Aditi Jain. This young entreprenuer launched the app with her own wedding, which still is the talk of the down. As invitees to her wedding and Guestbox users, we solemnly swear the app made the wedding absolutely hassle free, totally co-ordinated and truck loads of fun.

#OurRecommendation: Ask for a demo, it’ll affirm your decision.

So what we are saying

Download the Guestbook app — it’s your one-stop solution for all your guest management needs! Here are the links: App Store - Play Store — Contact — For more details , get in touch at +91 9914334477

Originally published at Gedhi Route.