Phat Brat: A Quirky Store in Ludhiana Where Fashion and Pop-Culture Fandom Come Together!

Attention Fashionistas and Comic Con fans! What we are about to recommend is going to make you extremely ecstatic. It was a jam packed evening when we first spotted PHAT BRAT, while stuck in traffic at Malhar Road. The name caught our eye (cmon, Pretty Hot and Tempting will do that) and a few days later, we finally decided to visit the store. Here’s what we saw:

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

Heaven For Comic Lovers ,Geeks and Fashionistas!

Yes we get the irony of the title but that’s the best part. Imagine a quirky colorful store with one end dedicated to uber chic outfits, jackets, shirts, dresses , accessories, , racks full of clothes and the other end full of original pop- culture merchandise — Batman Movie Posters, Life size Super hero Merchandise and Figurines, Star Wars Bowls, Simpson tees, Key chains etc. Add to it kitschy room decor items, Bar equipment like Beer holders, mugs and Riding accessories like helmets, plates and you have a store that caters to almost every millennial.

Comic Con and Pop Culture Come Alive!

Possibly the first, and only store dedicated to super hero merchandise and pop culture in Ludhiana, Phat Brat is the brainchild of Karam Grewal and Damini. The spacious store has been curated with passion, right from placing the huge Batman figurine close to the entrance which sets a Comic Con theme, to the rows of framed movie posters which you’ve probably spent years trying to track down. Plus, so much original merchandise from Marvel, DC, The Simpsons, Star Wars series that we can’t get enough of. The different avatars of the Hulk and Joker will definitely capture your attention. Before we forget, some of the stuff here is limited edition.

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

Key rings, coasters, bowls, tees and miniatures {how we want to grab the football players, given the FIFA World Cup}. Our current favourites, however, the Thor Face Figurine and The Dark Knight Joker figurine. You get the best of both Marvel and DC worlds here! No more ordering online or waiting for Comic Con every year to get your hands on your favorite merchandise.

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

Fashion Matters!

The second part of the store houses racks full of the most trendiest clothes and accessories of the season. Summer Dresses, Cold Shoulder Tops, Pearl embellished blouses, Kyulots , Star Wars , Simpson and Disney tees (guys and girls, take your pick). The Taupe Bomber Jacket is our favorite from this time’s collection.

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

They have gorgeous accessories and mirrors so so if you’re a fan, then those are some subtle things you will love. And if you have a thing for quirky décor and clocks, you have some to the right place.

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

Bikers and their Beer

Just when you think that there’s only so much that a store can offer, Phat Brat pulls off another surprise. After pop culture and fashion they have something for bike and beer lovers (we are in no way promoting drinking and driving). Asahi beer towers, mugs, bar accessories will get any beer lovers attention.

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

As for bike riders, they have quite a collection (name) helmets , plates and many other accessories.

phat brat gedhi route ludhiana

Trust us when we say this, drop by once and you will keep going back ! It’s on Malhar Road, in the same complex as Bourbon Broadway, right below Amil’s Hair Lounge.

Where : 1–12, Malhar Cinema Rd, B — Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab
 When: 11am-10 pm
 Contact: 0161 504 5945

Find them on Facebook here.

Originally published at Gedhi Route.