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The Washington Post is one of our Nations most prolific Socialist news rags which twists news daily to fit their biased agenda… Hillary is a Socialist and there is no doubt she wants to outlaw guns held by citizens in this nation… She like just about the entire media circus has failed miserably to figure out what the cure is for gun violence… It starts with the family. In the inner cities where most of the gun violence occurs… Most kids don’t have a father figure and mom is either working or on drugs…Naturally the kids will go to the streets to mingle and eventually cause problems because they want spending money, drug money and they don’t see a need to work for it… If law enforcement had a way to force parents to keep their kids in school and make mom go to parenting classes or jail, it wouldn’t take long for things to settle down… Teenagers need to have a curfew… Off the streets by 10PM weekdays, 11PM on Friday and Saturday nights…

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