Forget going to College, Watching Game of Thrones will teach you far more about business.

Has anyone ever told you that “You learn nothing from television!“? Well that my friend is not true. While watching Game of Thrones I realized it is as close to “the real world” as it gets.

Here are the top 10 things you will learn about business from Game of Thrones:

10. You are entitled to nothing.

Didn’t get that promotion? The position was given to someone far less qualified? Yeah it happens. Get over it. Seniority does not entitle you to anything.

9. Sometimes the least expected team member can save the day.

Who doesn’t love an underdog? Admit it, you never imagined that Sam would survive north of the wall. One day, you will be saved by the least expected person on your team.

8. Procrastination = Elimination

If you keep putting off that project, there will be unexpected consequences. Well, unexpected to you but not everyone else. So just bite the bullet and do it.

7. Sometimes you have people on the “inside” that want to tear you down.

Know the people you go into business with. Enough said.

6. No Matter How big or small your business is, someone is always gunning for you.

Do you think people will remember BlockBuster Video in 20 years? No matter how massive your empire is, someone will disrupt it unless you adapt with time.

5. Don’t let pride get in your way. Ask for help when you need it.

It’s unlikely that anyone “at the top” made it there on their own. Ask for help when you need it.

4. Always have a “Plan B”.

In Game of Thrones Arya always seemed to have another plan in mind. She changed her look (not of her own choice), she changed her location, she changed her social group. She always seemed to have a backup plan. So should you.

3. Arrogance will only get you so far.

Don’t think for one second that you are the most powerful entity in the world. All it takes is one little “cut” (aka hack) to end your reign.

2. Job Security?

Ser Barristan spent his whole career working for the House Baratheon. Oh until this wicked “son” stepped up to rule the realm. At least they gave Ser Barristan a severance package. Really though being an entrepreneur is the only way to “secure” your future.

  1. Take Risks

This. Playing it safe will only allow you to see what’s right in front of you. Often your risks lead to “learning opportunities” sometimes known as failures. These learning opportunities are what shape who you become and the path you take.

About the author : Keith Croxford is a Sr. Voice Engineer with a major Cloud Communications Company. As a serial college drop out, he learned about business while various successful and not so successful businesses in the past. Follow Keith on twitter @geek2great

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Originally published at on October 16, 2015.