If you think you have DevOps and don’t have Lean, you’re wrong.

If you think you have #devops and you don’t have #lean, you’re wrong.

Let me say here and now that DevOps and Lean are inseparable. You can’t have DevOps without Lean. If you think you do, you’re wrong.

You can implement some of the automation that comes from DevOps, but that does *not* mean you are doing DevOps. The proof is that you can never realize the same efficiency and effectiveness that those that created the innovation you are utilizing have achieved.

Here’s the critical difference:

Lean prioritizes optimizing “flow” over “resources.” That means the focus is on connections between resources, and integrating them, to achieve a smooth end-to-end flow of work that makes a system efficient and effective at creating business value.

This is the opposite of what we’ve normally done. IT has traditionally organized and managed itself explicitly in terms of tight control of resources, both human and machine, using frameworks like IT service management and project management to deliver value from resources that are functionally separate.

Most organization can’t even see why this is different, much less necessary. I’m trying to figure out how to most effectively break people out of this brain box they don’t even know they’re in.

The biggest problem is that vertical command and control processes to maximally utilize resources is so deeply ingrained in our thinking that we can’t even see it. We inherited Scientific Management and we have absorbed it so completely that it seems like unquestionable truth like gravity.

It isn’t!

Share your thoughts on this. DevOps fans, do you understand Lean?

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