And I won’t need a man to travel with me — Travel Solo

It hasn't been long since the travel bug has bitten me, and the idea of travelling solo keeps me edged to every travel blog and portal that I can find a glimpse of. Now, many consider the idea of travelling solo “interesting” just because it’s the new “trend”. Like a selfie or pouting, solo travel did make the rounds in the last year and grabbed the eyeballs.

The first time I ever popped this idea to my mother, the look on her face was as if Kamal R Khan is nominated for the next president of India.( For those who are unaware, Kamal R Khan is a pathetic excuse for an actor who makes hideous comments on celebrities).Even my boyfriend was concerned with the idea, concerned about my safety and I appreciate the worries.

Some of the stereotypical questions that they fired at me were-

“ What? Travel Solo? What if you get raped?”

Yes, there are chances of me getting physically abused if I travel alone, but 95% of such scenarios suggest that the crime is done by someone personal, someone who already knows you and about your whereabouts. So, statistically speaking, the chances of falling for traps is more if I travel with “people” rather than alone. Sounds good enough!

“What if you fall ill and need someone to help you out?”

I think tons of women out there are living alone and struggling to make grounds in different cities over the world. So, if we expect to become managers of big business houses and expect to lead others, maybe we should start by taking our own responsibilities. That’s how you cake walk that question with ease.

“But you can’t possibly be serious. How can you travel without a man?”

Irrespective of your feminist perspectives, that question is sure to piss you off. The idea of travelling solo is challenging because each day there are countless possibilities. Yes, possibilities of meeting someone new and insightful or even someone dangerous. Every day when you lay back on the bed you need to plan ahead, you sleep with your eyes and ears open and look out for yourself.

I want to travel alone because I can take care of myself.

I would love to travel with a man, but he is my choice and not a necessity.

Lastly, irrespective of the people who love you, it is not their choice to make, but yours and yours only. For me, I don’t want to travel solo because it’s the new trend in town, I want to do it because it’s worth being the trend to be followed.

Find your reasons to discover yourself, because the best person to fall in love with is yourself.