Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for 2016

What is a Social Bookmarking?

Julita J

Social Bookmarking enables users to add, share and store links to their sites via the internet. When creating your bookmark you ‘tag’ them with appropriate keywords which enable users searching for those to find you!

Many sites are free; others charge minimal fees and most require you to register to add your website to their list. Social Bookmarking sites are frequently used by SEO experts for search engine optimization, improving website ranking in search engine results (SERP) and traffic indexing new websites. This is a great way to create high quality backlinks, increase Google PageRank and Domain Authority for your new website they can also help reduce your bounce rate.

Looking to increase your brand awareness? Then try some of the more prominent and popular sites; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit then check out my list of 25 top Social Bookmarking sites for 2016 below.

DoFollow vs NoFollow

Follow Link: Links (inbound hyperlink) that points to a URL giving that page SEO ‘link juice’ or Google ‘points’ that increase the authority of that page. (i.e. If a lot of people are linking to this page, it must be a great page, so we’ll boost search engine preference.

No Follow: Links (with the ‘nofollow’ attribute included) these links do not add ‘points’ for SEO results. Why would you want that? In a perfect world spammers would never consider “black-hat” tactics to increase their share of ‘link juice’ right? Wrong! To help even out the playing field the ‘nofollow’ attribute was born, automatically showing up in links placed in Comments, Forums, Paid Links and Google ‘untrusted sites’. WordPress automatically adds this attribute to user-submitted links and Wikipedia’s does for their reference section as well.

Caution: As in all things, do not spam (create multiple links for the same site), use only high quality trusted social bookmarking sites when you create the backlinks to your website.

Originally published at on January 8, 2016.

Julita J

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Julita J

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