Tracking My Journey Series Week 4 and 5: Facing fears and being good enough

“Self doubting is evil. Putting yourself down is evil. And we need to stop it in its tracks.”

For weeks 4 and 5, I put a lot of pressure on myself to get a lot done. I reached out past my screen to talk with people off of Facebook. I talked to business owners, A LOT of women who joined MLMs, which was great networking but didn’t really get me the data I need.

For the incubator space I’m in, I am currently validating that women, more particularly that:

Tech Moms and Business Moms, are not sharing and growing ideas, because of lack of time, lack of a reliable support system with mentors from the workplace, people are are sympathetic to their needs and access to opportunities that are kid friendly.

It may be true, or it may not be true at all. I wanted to go out and validate that its true and its a challenge most tech moms face. Its been difficult. I have been blocked from people. I have tried my hardest to not get kicked out of groups. I can never get my questions out right. I can never get the answers I need. I changed my questions multiple times. And so far I learned that most moms need a miracle, well really just a free babysitter or just more help in their own household. I also learned that I am reaching moms who will not be my target customers.

I changed the people I reached out to, to those who are starting their business and are looking for assistance. But I ran into a ton of women who have joined MLMs. After talking to a few of them it seems that MLMs have changed from the ones I joined and completely failed at years ago.

But anyway, it takes a lot to reach out to a group of people, not get what you need and go back out and reach a new group of people. What I have learned was:

Women do not need sympathy. We want equality.

If the opportunities are not there, then we should create them for ourselves.

In order for people to trust me with GeekMoms&Company, I need to have a reputation in the space I’m breaking into. I need to produce content that captivates and sells.

For years, I have constantly made blogs and crafts and other things that I have given up on earlier. I have started so many things that its hard to keep track, and its even harder to create something that I am actually good at. And if you want to find out what you’re good at, ask someone else.

Seriously, if you’re unsure of what you are great at and you think you’re good at one thing but you’re not……go to a friend and ask them. I had that conversation and that’s how I got to my third learned lesson. Am I great at business and understanding how to run them, HELL NO. But can I whip up new domains with a CMS platform with a youtube channel, facebook page, photography and videos for that site, a blog and a plan on how to consistently create content for that site. HELL YES! I am an Artist? Content Creator? Let me google this really quick…..Media Content Creator.

Nadu (mobile/desktop video application…coming soon)

Organizing Work Life Balance Scheduler Task App (name coming soon)

So the ones I want to focus on is → to get a community and support group for moms → to produce fun/random content for others to share and see if I can grow from there → because no matter what I will be creating videos and photography

If you want to face your fears, figure out what you hate doing and literally just suck it up and do it.

And for being good enough, know that you are not only good enough, but you are capable. You can do the things that are necessary to succeed.

Until Next Time.

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