The following thoughts are entirely mine and not those of my employer.

One of the most interesting and educational aspects of working as an engineer at a young startup is your participation in all facets of company life. I wrote a moderate amount of code in my first eighteen months at the startup but the bulk of my time was spent context switching between a variety of different roles that were arguably not part of my original job description (and perhaps one of the reasons I might make a more effective manager than an individual contributor).

During this time I did everything from writing docs to providing customer support (primarily to our community, i.e. open source users) to recruiting. Of these, recruiting took the most time, as the company grew from 21 employees (when I started) to the 180+ employees now. At the end of one quarter in 2014, Greenhouse, the recruiting management system we use (essentially Salesforce for hiring), I was ranked as having conducted the most interviews amongst all of my colleagues (including our first recruiter). All that said, the following is all highly anecdotal (but I wish I had more numbers to back it up). …

Sunil Shah

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