Useful resource for your blog!

After I started blogging (almost 4 weeks ago) I have noticed that there are many, if not countless tools at the disposal of new and experienced bloggers. Today I will go into detail on 3 of the tools such as google, twitter and Photoshop.


Google is a well-known tool used by people for everything from research to shopping. This being said it can still be overlooked by bloggers as they want to seem original rather than just copying someone else’s research. Although a blogger should be original with their work google is still a great tool for researching your blog post. For example, when I was writing my blog post about cult films I researched the films I was supposed to talk about, e.g. clerks and cross checked my information before posting to avoid any embarrassing mistakes. This just shows how you can use google in your favour without plagiarising work and keeping your post original.

Research from google on clerks.


Twitter is one of the best tools available to a blogger as it is a way to create awareness for your blog. This especially works well with the medium platform as twitter links directly to your account and posts to your followers making them aware of your new blog posts. Also most people and businesses use twitter either in their personal lives or as marketing for their business. This means businesses may see your blog on twitter and even if they don’t use medium themselves may read your post. This helps your blog because twitter is a lot more popular than medium and might help people to get on and read your work.

The post on twitter promoting my first blog post.


This software is very useful for new bloggers and more experienced bloggers. This is because it gives you the ability to have better quality pictures on the blog and separates you from bloggers just by using stock images on their posts that come off unprofessional. An example of this is the logo I use for my online platforms. This makes my posts come off as more professional compared to people not using a logo and just using stock imagery.

The logo i created on Photoshop.