What I have learned since I arrived at Leeds trinity university.

I have learnt many new skills in the first week of university, some of these skills are useful like how to start a new Photoshop document. Others are less useful like how to play ring of fire and pinch your nose before drinking something you’re not going to enjoy to lesser the blow.

from left me Alex Joe and Yaro settle down for a night of dungeons and dragons.

But in my eyes I have learnt one skill I never expected to learn while I was at university, this skill is how to be sociable. In Sheffield (where I am from) I have a small group of friends who all like the same thing all hang around together and all the dress the same. This meant I had no real experience socialising outside of either my college class or the “geek squad” of friends who I go to the comic book store with. When I arrived at university and started settling into my accommodation I quickly came to the conclusion that due to the huge difference in style interest and personality between me and my flat mates, I would be a social outcast for the rest of the year. As I already had some friends from back home here I didn’t see this as a problem just something I would have to live with. This was until i realised how friendly the people i am living with can be.

me one week into university holding a keg messing around with Dom who is taking the photo.

As my accommodation has no living area for the inhabitants of the flat to socialise with each other we have adopted the stairs just outside the building and evolved the area into a sort of social platform (this being said in my opinion we are the most sociable halls). As I was walking through this area to get to my room someone would strike up a conversation or a throw me a complement. After a while I felt comfortable to socialise with them and have made some good friends through this.

This is when I realised it’s got nothing to do with other people I was being unsociable not them, I was isolating myself from this group. Although I don’t always hang around with this group of people and I do like to go and do my own thing I think, they have taught me that even though someone is interested in different things and has a different fashion sense you can still have fun talking to them and even make some friends at university that will last. And that’s what I have learned in my first weeks at university.