Universal rule of party

Whenever some friends wants to celebrate the meeting. Most of time they didn’t decide that whose turn. For that scenario, a great popular Software developer Mr. Sawan Karn came with a solution named as Universal rule of Party.

Universal rule of Party

What is Universal rule of party?

It is a popular rule in all over world and they classified a person in two type 
(i) giver — Giver is a person who give the party to other members.
(ii) taker — Taker is all group member except giver or you can say who take party from Giver.

You can follow this rule with some circumstances which are given below:
1. If group has any two member who is commited with each other. They count as a one and rest of member remain same number of count.
2. Turn will come in alternate fashion for every member.
3. If group has no any member who is commited then then no special counting available and 2nd rule will follow for all member.

Lets take a simple example so you can easily understant this rule:

Scenario 1:
Suppose three friend name ie, Sawan, Diksha and Himangini and Sawan and Diksha commited with each other then according to rule they count as single unit for giver condition.
That means when Himangini shall be giver then Sawan and Diksha are different person. But when She shall be taker then Sawan and Diksha is single unit.
That means as a alternate fashion, one time Himangini is a giver and other time Sawan and Diksha is giver.
Scenario 2:
Suppose three friend name ie, A, B and C and no any commited person then every person would be giver in alternate fashion.

Hope you understand this rule and if it is then follow me.

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