Increaser mindset: Completeness

This is part of the series about “Increaser mindset

Each of us in different phases of life has different life projects. With the time some projects appear in our lives and some — go away. When we are young they may be studying, social life, training. When we are getting older new projects starts to appear in our lives, such as job or parenting. Sometimes, overflown by a business of living we ignore some projects and give them less attention that they need.

Starving projects

When you have a goal, you also need an understanding of what the person that will achieve this goal is doing. Notice how much time and efforts this person will give to each project. When you understand how this person acts — compare it with your actions, are you doing enough? If you not it means that you have a project or projects that aren’t getting enough from you. Those are starving projects.

Where is time

When you listed in your mind projects on which you don’t put a sufficient amount of work you need to find why you don’t have enough time for those projects. It may have two causes. First — you wasting your time on activities that do not belong to any of your projects. And second — you giving more time to other projects of yours.

Procrastinating while being productive

When you see that a lot of your time not wasted, but spend on other projects — you probably trapped in the problem of procrastinating while being productive. For example, you may spend time reading books and learning things you do not apply in your life. Or maybe you spend more time at work that not moving you toward your goal. If so it the right time to become honest with yourself and reevaluate how much time you need to spend on each of your projects.

Becoming Conscious

Now, I want you to think — how are you going to change your behaviors so that all of your projects will have a sufficient amount of attention. If most of your projects about focused work, and you know about Pomodoro technique — you can try This app will help you to analyze how much time you give to each of your projects. With an understanding of how you spend time, you more likely find a way to bring starving projects back to life.