Updating your iOS software across various Apple devices.

In this blog post, we talk about how can you manually update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Software updates are what we see regularly, and it plays a magnificent role in the efficient working of your devices. Apple devices software are easy but somehow for some can be a little complicated.

Underneath are some of the Manual Steps for you to learn and easily upgrade/ update your devices:

Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the latest version of iOS wirelessly. You can even manually update it using iTunes.

1. The first step before updating is creating a backup. This helps you to backup your data and do not bear any loss of something important. Make a backup of your device either by using iCloud or iTunes.

2. Updating the device wirelessly

Click on Install now, if a message says that an update is available for your particular device.

Follow the steps further and complete the process:

A) Plug in your device into power and connect to an internet or Wi-fi

b) Tap Settings — General- Software Update

c) Tap Download and Install. Free up some space if asked to do so, tap on continue or cancel accordingly.

D) To update, click on Install. Tap on Install later or Install Tonight or Remind me later. Choosing the option of Install tonight shall let your device install the entire update on its own overnight.

E) Enter your passcode if asked for

Updating your device using iTunes

If you are unable to update wirelessly on your iOS device, update it manually using iTunes using personal hotspot and by the following the given steps

A) Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

B) Connect your device to your computer.

C) Open iTunes and select your device type.

D) Click on summary and check for an update.

E) Click on Download and Update.

F) Enter your passcode if needed for.

Apple updates its software every year and takes technology a level up. With Apple’s latest release of the public version of iOS 10/10.3, we are here to talk about how to install and update new iOS software in your Apple devices. The new version of iOS 10/10.3 has put the future in the hands of the common users and has upgraded many of its features. Being a new software, it surely has some gaps and bugs that interfere with the proper and seamless functioning of the software which we might discuss in our next topic.

Did you skip a step and are unable to know where you have landed? Not sure whether your device is still updating itself or not?

These tedious technical complexities are sometimes hard to understand and need a professional to guide you through. Apple upgrade offers you to find what’s necessary manual guidelines as well as an expert to talk to you and resolve the complication easily and conveniently. �