The Samsung Gear Fit 2 doesn’t have a large set of apps available to it. It does have a nice core set of apps, however.

Watch the video for more details:


Approximate Transcription:

This video is about the Samsung Gear Fit2 apps. You can here my vacuum robot vacuuming in the background, but it does have quite a bit of apps. It counts, I’m not sure if you count the calorie counting as apps, but starts walking, steps, floors, BPM, but then if you, there’s a button here if you hit it a couple times it takes to you some of the inner things. I know it’s kind of, it’s not focusing very well. This is Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm settings, Exercise, Spotify, Music Player, 24 Hour Log, Steps, Floors, Heart Rate, and several other things I don’t use. I have a Find My Phone, which I don’t use, but I could imagine finding it useful even if it’s just a few times a year would be nice.
 Yup, and that’s all the apps and I know that you can go onto the phone, your mobile device and install a few new apps. There’s not like a large selection like some of the other places, like the Pebble has a lot and some of the other more mature devices have better third-party apps. This is not really heavy on third-party apps. In fact I barely saw any, if at all, so yeah. That’s not a real big deal overall to me, so thanks for watching, ‘like’ this video. Bye.

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