When comparing the Samsung Gear Fit 2 to the Pebble 2, not all the comparisons fit very well. But, ultimately, you’re not going to wear BOTH and there is a huge overlap in the features and objectives of both smartwatches.

Watch the video for more details about the differences:


Approximate Transcript:

Hi. This video is about the Gear Fit2 versus the Pebble 2. They’re not exactly devices targeted at the same market, but I find them to actually have a lot of similar features, a lot of things in common. I really wanted to like the Pebble 2. I think the Gear Fit2 is very solid and does a lot of things a small watch does.
 This Pebble 2 definitely does more things than the Gear Fit2, but unfortunately it has … It has a longer battery life and it’s more waterproof. Man, the software is pretty awkward to use. I got deluged by notifications constantly, all these unnecessary notifications. I found that when I started trying to turn those off specifically it actually turned off other notifications that I wanted such as text messages and incoming phone calls, which I find to be very useful on the Gear Fit2.
 That was a big problem with the Pebble 2. It had a lot more actually of third-party apps, and also one of my favorite things was I could see the weather, what temperature it was outside and whether or not it was raining or sunny or cloudy on here. I haven’t seen a weather app for the Gear Fit2 so I really like that. It’s not enough to make up for its very big downfalls. I do like the Gear Fit2 more. So far it still is my favorite smart watch. It’s not perfect, but it does a lot of things really well. It’s nice. It has a pretty decent battery life. It’s not great but it’s not poor either. Like this video. Bye.

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