People nowadays would want to live a healthy lifestyle and sculpt their bodies the way they want it to be. It can be to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply tone their bodies. Eating healthy meals and going to the gym to working out have become a routine for most people who live a healthy and active life.

But going back to the basics, it is important that before you go to the gym, you’ve already completed the things needed for the gym. Listed below are gym essentials that would make your life easier and going to the gym more satisfying.

Gym Bag. Find a gym bag with enough storage — but not too much. Your bag must carry all your essentials but must also come in a reasonable size. Having a gym bag that’s too big will more likely remain at home after you’ve realized that it will never fit your gym locker. Also consider the gym bag’s functionality and make sure that it can keep your things organized and easy to find.

Quality Workout Clothes and Shoes. Remember to keep comfort over style in all circumstances. Choosing workout clothes that are breathable and well-fitting is the one of the best investments for your gym essentials. Another investment that you can make is to choose quality shoes that will keep you comfortable despite all your running and weight lifting. Quality clothing is the key to a comfortable and motivating workout.

Drinking Bottle. Having a quality shaker bottle saves you from dehydration and answers all of your refreshment needs. It can hold your pre-workout supplements, water, or your post-workout protein shake. It’s easy to carry and is undoubtedly a gym essential.

Personal Hygiene Kit. From deodorant, body spray, soaps, and the like — you MUST carry these things in your gym bag at all times. One of the biggest pet peeves of all time is the pungent smell of sweat. With much sweat session that is happening in the gym, undesirable odor and dirt may stick to your body. It is important to clean up every after workout session — no excuses. Hit the gym’s shower room and freshen up. Who knows, you might run into the gym’s resident hottie.

Towel. Sweating is normal and the objective of those who go to the gym. It’s not just you who sweat in the gym — and its equipment. But nobody wants to sit in your sweat (and you wouldn’t want to sit in another person’s sweat for that matter). Use your towel to wipe the equipment you used or to wipe your sweat off while doing intense workout.

Dietary Supplement. To top all of your gym essentials, an all-natural dietary supplement that boosts your energy to keep up with the high-intensity workout session is a must. One of the recommended energy-boosting food supplements is L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine helps the body produce energy and improves the body’s athletic ability. It also aids in the heart and brain function, muscle movement, and other body functions. However, it is important to look for dietary supplements that are 100% safe and natural, with no fillers, and is stimulant-free. Before buying any L-Carnitine dietary supplement (or any supplement for that matter), read the bottle thoroughly or consult your doctor.

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