If you ever believed that you have to live with Xanthelasmas you can now feel better by knowing that there are plenty of options available to you. So you will not need to use make up to hide your Xanthelasmas forever afte. There are many options available to you, and most of them will not leave any scar. Your possible solutions are:


This is the most expensive procedure. If operated properly the lasers will not cause any scarring to you. However, Xanthelasma removal with lasers are the most expensive procedures on the market. Yes they are the most expensive. Of course laser Xanthelasma treatment is not the most cost effective, because as we you will see shortly there are cheaper options that lead to a successful Xanthelasmas removal.In most cases anaesthetic is required to perform this type of procedure, however some lasers can be used to perform Xanthelasma removal without the need of anaestetics.

The Clarker By Akronics

This is a cheaper alternative. The procedure is simpler and normally carried out by trained clinicians. It does not normally require the use of anaesthetics.This procedure has not caused scars to date. The Clarker is portable and safe to use around the eyes.This procedure can be even carried out in the patients home and not necessarily in a clinic.The further benefit of using the Clarker for Xanthelasma removal is that the patient will not experience further Xanthelasma recurrence on the areas treated.


This procedure is very safe and like the Clarker, the hyfrecator operates solely in fulguration mode. The Hyfrecartor is normally operated by a dermatologist, therefore the procedure is slightly more expensive. The Xanthelasma treatment requires anaesthetic. Also this treatment is unlikely to scar the patient.

Electrocautery Equipment Used In Fulguration Mode

Very experienced surgeons can remove Xanthelasmas by using ordinary electrocauterization equipment in fulguration mode. This technique is usually cheaper than treating Xanthelasmas using lasers because the costs of electrocauterization units are very low.The procedure involves the use of anaesthetic, and no scars are left after healing provided that the procedure is carried out properly.

Manual Excision With Conventional Scalpel

This is not a procedure that can be advised for Xantrhelasma removal any longer given all the alternatives available. This is due to the high likelihood of leaving visible and permanent scars to the patients.

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