Why I Will Always Love the Wii U

While Wii U games (specially good ones) were few and far between, the Wii U had some stellar stand outs. Nintendo once again cemented that the one thing it does well is first party games.

And of course we can’t forget the controller. The first console really built for my generation. The Wii U was a “significant other” compatible console if you lived in a single game player household. The Wii U allowed me to continue my addiction even if my wife wanted the TV.

Let’s not forget the Virtual Console either. I’ll admit, the pricing always rubbed me the wrong way. More so after buying the same game for the second or even third time, and the the notoriously washed out Nintendo 64 games, but no other console really allowed us to continue playing the classics of previous generations. Other consoles have attempted it, some even have great libraries, but the little extras of save states and mappable controllers really puts Nintendo’s implementation over the top.

There were some flubs, but between being able to play Wii U, Wii, and various virtual consoles, the Wii U will stay in my console family for years to come. Now hurry up and release that Switch!