Strange Days in #Ferguson

Restricted airspace. Tear gas and riot gear. Anguish and anger.

Feeling powerless, so attempting to help by doing the only thing I know how: Aggregating and sharing information.

This list is by no means comprehensive. But if you’re interested in understanding what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri as of August 14, 2014, these tweets, news posts, photos and videos should help.

Feel free to share additional links in the annotations — but please be civil and responsible if you do.


Business Insider
The New Yorker
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tweets, Photos & Video

The above clip is from Antonio French, an alderman in the city of St. Louis.

Antonio French
Alderman Antonio D. French is serving his first term as the Alderman of the 21st Ward, representing parts of the…

Strange days, indeed.

Photo credit: Les Cunliffe

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