About the project

Name Place Animal Thing used to be a word game we played as kids. The objective was to pen down unique names, places, animals and things starting with the same alphabet and gain most points (for thinking of unique words). In hindsight, it does sound like a pretty banal game.

So in 2016, taking cue from the name of the game I decided to start a personal project wherein I create and sculpt unique stories which are documented through one visual and the story in words.

The process: I filled a jar with chits carrying random words for places, animals and things. I pick three chits, one from each category. Based on what the chits say, I create a story and give it a ‘name’. Using the story as a backdrop using the words from the chits, I sculpt the elements in miniature using clay and move towards the completion of the entire composition, sometimes incorporating other medium such as paper or cloth. All elements come together as a scene to depict the story, or a part of it, or just the essence.

So while the project doesn’t have much to do with coming up with unique names, places, animals and things, it does have all to do with crafting distinctive stories where the animals, things and places come together. Sometimes in my stories it so happens that a thing becomes a place or a place becomes character or an animal remains the same.

Nothing is random and sometimes, everything is.