#INUsesFxNightly Campaign : Evangelism done

One for Mozilla UP

Hey Mozillians ,

Get set and begin …..

Mozilla India is awesome and to its awesomeness we the developers contribute a lot. We have a large number of dedicated students, developers and evangelists who are really passionate about Mozilla.

We saw that very few people in India actually are aware about Firefox Nightly .Its a glimpse of what the future of Firefox will be for hundreds of millions of people.

Mozilla India came up with its Nightly campaign in order to contribute towards the developer society and help people understand the power of Nightly and yes the awesome Add-on and webcompat.

#INUsesFxNightly Campaign Logo
Mozilla UP Campaign Poster

Firefox Nightly, as a pre-release version of Firefox targeting power-users and core Mozilla contributors, is a glimpse of what the future of Firefox will be for hundreds of millions of people. Having a healthy and strong technical community using and testing Nightly is a great way to easily get involved in Mozilla by providing a constant feedback loop to developers. Here you can test lots of pre-release features. So it needs a little bit of general promotion, which will pump to bring a good number of tech-savvy, power users who will be our active community members.

and that what we did :)



Event Flow :

Introduction to Mozilla.
What is Firefox nightly
Why we contribute in nightly 
Sharing communication channel for Nightly 
Installing nightly on participants PC.
Install Nightly tools 
Showing interesting tools in Nightly 
Participants will explore/test Nightly 
How to file bug in bugzilla for nightly issue 
Filing Webcompat issues with Firefox Nightly 
Demonstration of other ways to contribution 
Filing bug if participants find during event- counting 
Swag distribution and Group photo.

After every event we have a Mozilla Ritual to be followed and that is contribution and reporting and similarly we did

Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Nightly Contribution

And also some great clicks ;)

Swags for all
Campaign Handout
Nightly it is :)