From Open Source Newbie to a Rustacean

Why new open source enthusiasts should start their journey with Rust.

println!(“Hello! Open Source World”);

My journey into Open Source started with Rust. My first contribution was to Rayon, the parallel data library for Rust.

Why Rust?

Developers love Rust :) . The StackOverFlow Developer Survey 2017 showed had Rust making it to the top of the most loved programming languages for the second time. But most importantly, because of the Rust community which is welcoming and helpful. When you’re starting off with something and are pretty much clueless about how to do what you want to do, a warm community and guidance can be a huge bonus. If you’re stuck at something, however silly it might be and someone is willing to spend a few of their busy minutes on telling you how to approach the problem, it motivates you to contribute the next time.

Where to start?

Always wanted to contribute to open-source projects but didn’t know where to start? Every week we highlight some tasks from the Rust community for you to pick and get started!

Familiar thoughts? Pick up an issue and work towards it. There’s quite a lot of repositories to contribute to.

Here, check the contribution guidelines out.

There’s a Call for Participation section which has issues that need to be solved picked up from various components of Rust, right from the Rust compiler to Rustfmt(Rust code formatter) to the Rust Compiler to the Rust Book. Check out the Good First Issues too. Choose the one that interests you or the one which you feel will give you the better learning experience. The necessary IRC links are given too.

In case you want to start off with the Rust Compiler, I’d suggest to have a look at the open issues on the github repository. You can filter them based on labels. E-Easy and E-mentor are good to go if your relatively new to Rust.

How to go about solving an issue?

E-Mentor issues have steps listed. You can always get in touch with the community on their channels mainly the #rust and #rust-beginners.

You’ve started learning Rust. You love it, and you want to be a part of it. If you’re not sure how to get involved, then this page will help.

There are official documentations and blogs online. Skim through them to explore Rust. Make a contribution, however small it might be. And you will find your name in the list of New Contributors in This Week in Rust. *Proud moment*. All the best! for your first contribution.

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