What’s Next?

Some take-home points from the talk by Amy Rich, Manager of Release Engineering Operations at Mozilla Corporation.

The one hour talk started off with Amy explaining about her educational background, her journey as a Mechanical Aeronautical Engineer. She stressed that even the smallest things matter in the long run. Everything that she had picked up in high school and college and her previous jobs have contributed a lot to her career growth, technical as well as the business side. Keep questioning yourself, “What’s next?”. Find mentors to discuss your life goals with. Build a network. Open up doors.

Pick up other skills apart from *technical skills*. Soft skills and people management skills are a welcome bonus :). She also highlighted the diversity problem in the tech world, highlighting the women in tech has lost it’s flavor as women are no longer looked up to for being awesome engineers and programmers but for being women programmers and engineers. Combating with the typical *geek* stereotype means putting in extra efforts for acceptance. Hopefully, with more and more involvement of women in tech, this too come to an end.

We narrated our struggles in the tech world. Right from how people react when you introduce yourself as a software developer to putting up with the gender ratio in engineering grad colleges to the constant need to prove and improve yourself, it felt like familiar grounds. Sometimes, it means a lot to know that you are not the only one.

An awesome learning experience.

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