Animal Cruelty


Experiments such as these are generally faced with total rejection or strong opposition because they are quite new and instinctively appeal to people’s basic ideals of life. Considering the largely known fact that science progression possesses the possibility of improving health and technological complications or even expand beyond limits presented by human capabilities, experiments involving genetically modified shouldn’t be a huge issue. Personally, I believe that animal cruelty only exists when the animal recognizes that it is in pain. A small test group developed solely for experimentation does not equal murder in any way, even though some may disagree stating that any life, despite size or age, matters, which they do, but altering the DNA of a small group of beagles to potentially rid the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Parkinson’s victims is by far more objectively practical. It is only when a selfish individual or corporate greed takes over such projects to cause pain or take advantage of an animal that embryonic mutation should cease.