Fair Treatment Despite Sexual Orientation

Article Link: http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/03/living/missouri-transgender-teen-feat/

Everyone possesses a set ideals or traits they may not totally agree with, but sexual orientation suddenly becomes a big deal that some people feel the need to strongly express their lack of acceptance towards the matter. In these types of situations, those opposing tend to bring about a large commotion, just how this circumstance became a national debate. Unaware, the general stigma in this new liberal age has developed into a whole national, more or less global, sense of homophobia. The fact that the LGBT community has only recently been granted the freedom to be who they were born to be, which I personally believe should’ve been a natural birthright, causes a commotion in the norm of more sensitive traits. Even ’til today, many people are unsure of how to treat a matter so new to them, and more conservative folks have exaggerated the change to be attached to a negative connotation. For example, supportive or not, people seem to separate human being just like any other into definitive groups. The day discrimination ceases to exist is the day that sexuality isn’t a defining part of a person.