Human Rights vs. Religious Beliefs

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I honestly believe that the possibility of a future where no type of discrimination whatsoever may exist, although unlikely. Matters like racism or sexism still exist today despite the long struggle that many faced throughout centuries, but people do continue to learn of the impact they leave on others and slowly transition out of the age of an ignorant, illiberal mentality. Because homosexuality has been quite strongly opposed only in the recent years, it may take quite a while for it to disappear.

Based upon the event that occurred at Mt. Erie Christian Academy, many conservative folks at churches may be among the last to change their opinion of homosexuals, given that they do stop discriminating. In this particular case, they do reserve the political advantage as they are a private school and stated exclusive enrollment, but it was wrong on their part regarding basic courtesy and morality. They shouldn’t have restricted Sheena’s enrollment after she already attended the school prior to the school year. Religious controversy also arises in many cases involving LGBT matters, but it is clearly distinct that the school is discriminating Sheena and her family by denying the right for her to attend the school simply because they feel certain individuals are “sinners” according to their own interpretation of the Bible.

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