Letter to my 8 year old self

Image source : Unsplash

A writing prompt idea inspired by Jen Anderson’s piece.

I am going to tell you what will I share to my 8 year old self which she was experiencing an early turning point — how environment can electrify voices.

Dear 8 year old me,

I am you in fifteen years ahead. I know you are reluctant to hear lecture but please give me a chance to share what I have experienced when I was you and I think it would be best if you hear me out first.

In 2001, you will be moving out to a bigger town and leaving out the remote and small town you disliked the most. You will be happy to hear that but do not forget to send some notes or speak to friends that were close to you or friends you know since kindergarten. As much people say that, everyone in small town knows everyone and everything so in my opinion it is better to leave with good impression. Also, friends you left behind may be appreciate your attention which means you are thoughtful.

What about friends who you dislike? Just leave them out. Better not to think much of they say to you about anything. Can’t join them playing some tug war during recess because of silly excuses then leave them. There are other friends that you still can play with. Oh you are cold? well, try to enjoy meet new friends at school or play ground near your house. It is going to be challenging but trust me it pays the price in future. You can start by offering toys to play.

You will move to bigger town that is close to a city. New house, new school, new friends. Your voice is going to be on surface when you meet this cool teacher that encourage you to better learning and interact more with your classmates in fun ways. This is the first teacher that is working well with you. So there will be no reason of skipping school because it is boring and hopeless. Once you up on higher grades, do not ever forget to send thank you notes — it is a simple notes that mean the world to the person who reads it and remembers your name. Isn’t it lovely?

Moving to a new town first worry will be; friends. Without friends, you may feel isolated. You don’t know what to do with whom at the playground in the afternoon or asking to do homework together. There will be friends you know since you were in the past town. But pay in mind that do not every worry that you will not have friends other than them. Having many friends enrich your knowledge and giving the chance to share interesting stories. You are a cheerful person and you are able to start conversation first. I know you can do it. If I can do it then you can! It may be weird from being cold to warm but trust me it as time goes by it will flow naturally.

Don’t spend most of your time improving performance on school subjects. I know you are perfectionist but those subjects are not everything in this world Try taking creative class such as painting. It will help you channel your emotion and learn how to see some stuffs from different point of view. Also balances the brain function.

Lastly, any town is just like other town. Try to enjoy your stay in ways that you like. What matter the most in your age is being happy with yourself. So do what you like. Not what your parents would like you to do.

Always love yourself.

Wishing you hugs and kisses from many years forward.


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