Correction: Twitch reached out to us to clarify that IVS runs on Twitch infrastructure, not AWS servers. I’ve updated the article to clarify this.

Amazon finally announced its long-awaited interactive live streaming solution, Amazon Interactive Video Service (AWS IVS). The solution promises to “handle everything from video ingesting and transcoding to global distribution for playback, so you can focus on building your own interactive application and audience experience”. The service claims to combine ultra-low-latency live video with interactivity, based on the same technology as Twitch.

Ever since Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014 for $970 million the companies have become more…

Opportunities for taking your conference online

April, May and June are always busy months for conferences. But with the Coronavirus causing widespread cancellations, organizers, exhibitors and panelists are looking for different ways to reach and engage their audiences. This post explores how interactive live streaming can create a virtual conference that offers a similar experience.

The Coronavirus has created a ripple of event cancellations. Many music events, sports matches and other large gatherings are considering their options while entire sports leagues are put on hold.

Even digital native Esports are feeling the impact of match and competition cancellations. The Overwatch league has decided to cancel all…

The esports market is growing and innovating rapidly, with new games, teams, and competitions entering the market on an ongoing basis. On top of that, we are seeing new ways to experience, interact with, and monetize live, esports streaming.

Esports competitions are looking at the much more profitable traditional sport leagues, and rightly so, the NFL is making $14B a year with an estimated $350M for esports in the US. But esports are innovating much more rapidly in enhancing the viewing experience, involving the viewers and creating fandom. …

Following the success of HQ Trivia, many similar apps were launched all around the world in a race to claim their slice of the market. There are so many apps available at this point that you can participate in a live trivia game every hour of the day.

In previous posts, we explained how to develop your own live trivia quiz show while discussing the associated requirements and challenges. We also looked at how to improve the format going forward by drawing lessons from TV shows. …

3 tips on how to create, produce, and stream a live trivia quiz

We launched PlayTrivia, our end-to-end solution that unites ultra-low-latency video streaming and massive multiplayer interactivity.

The popularity of HQ Trivia has been skyrocketing since its inception in August 2017, consistently reaching millions of live viewers with their daily quiz show. As we discussed a few months ago, the app is a clever combination of the power of television and the popular game show genre, the interactivity of the mobile phone and the immediacy of live streaming.

Given its viral success, how could you not want to make your own HQ Trivia-style app? Though the enthusiasm is probably already coursing through…

3 tips on how live trivia apps can improve their experience

HQ Trivia is attracting millions of players for their daily live trivia game. And now that they seem to have fixed most of their scale and lag issues, let’s take a look at the gameplay and app experience. Based on our experience working on interactive apps for many popular game shows in the TV industry we defined 3 ways to improve live trivia game apps.

1. Make leaderboards and scores more relevant

Leaderboards are a great way to motivate players but most leaderboards are not relevant for 99% of the players. When you’re placed 262.306th out of 742.236 …

Large scale interactivity is in the spotlight. HQ Trivia has grown tremendously on iOS and has now teased an Android version. Meanwhile in Europe, Eurovision Junior Song Contest switched to a new online voting mechanism. However, with great scale come great challenges. At Ex Machina we manage play along trivia and online voting for many TV shows, often with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. In this post we analyse the critical success factors and challenges for HQ and Eurovision and share our lessons on how to prevent you from these pitfalls.

HQ Trivia comes to Android

HQ Trivia teased…

The new live trivia app HQ has grown rapidly in the last few weeks and gathered a loyal following of fans that tune in to play the live trivia game and have a chance to win money. Twice daily at 3PM and 9PM EST the app broadcasts a live streamed trivia quiz show that is presented by Scott Rogowsky or Sharon Carpenter. Outside these broadcast hours the app shows a countdown for the next broadcast.

HQ Trivia broadcast

Each live broadcast consists of 12 random trivia questions, each question needs to be answered within 10 seconds. The format follows a…

Over the last few months several live stream platforms have released new tools and features to improve interactivity during live streams. Facebook allows broadcasters to invite other presenters to join the stream. YouTube introduced low-latency live streaming which makes it easier to interact with your audience and respond in real-time to chat messages. Vimeo acquired Livestream to improve their live stream offering for content creators. Twitch launched extension to make livestream interactive. Extensions allows developers to develop clickable layers on top of the video to interact or show additional information. …

At PAX West 2017 Twitch announced new creator tools including the release of Twitch Extensions. Ex Machina has been partnering with Twitch over the last few months to explore the new opportunities that Twitch Extensions offer for eSports competitions and Twitch streamers.

Twitch Extensions allow developers to create interactive tools for live streams. Viewers can interact directly with the video player or page widgets to find out more about the game, get real-time information, answer polls and trivia, or to interact and play games with streamers.

Ex Machina is part of a small group of launch partners that received…

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