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Geeservice is the new hotel management software (HMS) in the market.

A little background
We launched Geedesk in 2017 and since then we have been working with various hotels and we strongly felt that the HMS that hotels are using were all built at least 10 to 15 years ago and they failed to solve business requirements of the 21st century.

Hence we set out to build a new hotel management software from scratch that met the complex business requirements of the 21st century while also accomplishing all tasks that the legacy hotel management systems did. …

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We are excited to announce that today we have launched a new hotel management software called Geeservice. It’s a cloud based hotel management software which can also be offered on-premise.

With Geeservice hotels can now use a full suite of applications to effectively manage their hotel operations.

For customers using legacy hotel management software, Geeservice offers a simple yet powerful, intuitive and affordable alternate.

For customers looking to upgrade or change their hotel management software, Geeservice is really potent alternate that reduces the upfront capital expenditure by close to 90%.

Geeservice as of today has the following modules and we assure that more interesting features are in the pipeline to be launched in the near future. …



Geeservice is a web & cloud based hotel management software. It’s built to run both on-premise & the cloud.