Starting with ProShred, this product is one of the fastest and easiest ways to burn fat and build extreme lean muscle. Of course, as logic would have it, this product does not work on its own to build muscles and burn fat. To trigger the impact of the powerful and effective formula, you combine it with your workouts. In doing so, it ensures that ever repetition counts by giving your muscles the fuel they need to pump up and your body the resources it needs to burn fat more efficiently. Keep in mind that with this product, you do not need to be fit when using it. The product can help you build a toned and muscular body from day one.

The second product, Max Antler Pro, is an all-natural supplement that is made out of deer antler velvet. This product works as a booster to ProShed, enabling the body to sculpt more easily after the fat is burn, help the muscles recover, and even increase your stamina during and after your workout routine. Another side benefit is that it increases your sex drive. With this product, it works best on serious athletes only since the effects are best seen with workout regimens that are extensive and fueled by weight lifting and other activities.