What is the difference between on-campus & off-campus drive?

On-campus drive is always a better and safe opportunity to choose for a campus placements rather than trying luck in off-campus interviews. It will also help in providing a beginning platform for one’s career by giving it a kick start. B.Tech Colleges in Haryana, organizes on-campus drives at a frequent basis which also eases the entry of the student in the corporate world.

In an on-campus enrolment drive, the vacancies are already present in reasonably large numbers as compared to the walk-in interview. In walk-in interviews, the number of openings is very limited. In off-campus recruitment, students need to approach the companies whereas in a campus recruitment drive, the companies approach the students. Thus getting a job in a campus placements can be easier than walk-in. Also the list of testimonials that may be asked for in campus placements is smaller than the list of testimonials that need to be submitted in off-campus recruitment.

B.Tech Colleges in Haryana carries number of placement drives every year. Students who clear all the rounds get an appointment letter from the company. A company attested document gives a feeling of job security to the student after the course. On-campus recruitment drive not only boosts the morale of the students but also provide a brand image to the college/institution.

During an on-campus recruitment drive, the students have to face aptitude test, group discussions, technical interview and HR interview. In an off-campus drive, there may be few more interview rounds and the assessment process may not be so universal. The questions asked in a walk-in interview can be more technical or field specific when compared to campus interview.

- Easy entry level and good remuneration 
- Good Job opportunities 
- References not necessary 

- Lower entry level salaries 
- Tedious to find vacancies 
- References may be needed

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