The role of Effluent Treatment Plant in India

In today’s fast-paced world, we see one side of world which is growing at unprecedented pace without stopping here. But there is a bitter side of the story too that is the amount of effluents we produce on a daily basis that generally goes out in the rivers and lakes and pose a serious threat to our survival. As water is the most intrinsic element of our lives, it should be managed in an extremely careful way to make the most out of it.

Effluent Treatment Plant

The ETP has an immense role to portray in clearing the contaminated and polluted water before freeing it back to the nature. Without the use of water treatment plants, it would be really hard to get clean water for domestic purpose. They are primarily used for:

· Metal finishing / automobile / steel mills / Electroplating,etp1

· Dying /Bleaching processes/tanneries/laundry-Textile Industry

· Acid-Alkali treatment- chemical industry/recovery of chemical

· Paper & pulp Industry, Leather Industry

· Oily waste water- automobile /refineries

· Pharmaceutical & food industry

· Conventional ETP

· Thermal power / Rubber industry / Fertilizers

There are various advantages associated with an ETP plant such as the storage of clean water, with the evolution of new techniques and processes. It also prevents the spread of harmful diseases due to chemical treatment. In a typical plant, there are four stages:

· Pre-treatment

· Primary treatment

· Secondary treatment

· Tertiary treatment

Today, big industrial units look for experienced and reliable ETP plant manufacturers that understand the overall functioning of the machines there and develop a customized water treatment facility setup in the most effective and sustainable way.

The role of ETP plant manufacturers is of great value here as they are held behind the design & development of plant and the overall quality of discharged water at the final stage. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a renowned and experienced player in the industry who has executed various water treatment projects successfully.

There are various business listing sites where you can browse through them and enquire about them by getting their contact details. A well-though decision taken would always keep our environment happy and healthy.