The 21 days we are going to be at home…. So lets use the time creatively, healthily, productively, fruitfully and more….

There’s lots we need to do and then there’s a lot that we’ve been putting off for another day. We never seem to have the time.

The moment is now…. So get, set, go ….

Sharing some inspiration from tarot cards, zodiac sign wise, as to what needs to done….


A good start. Relax, stay indoors. For once enjoy the facilities and luxuries in your home.

Assess your wealth. Take stock of what you have. Do a bit of charity too. De-clutter. You may just strike gold by discovering lost valuables in your possession. Cast of things not required.

Pay attention to children. Nuture the child in you.


An earthy sign. Set your material goals. Net work and connect with successful people ( through electronic media). Check out insurance papers. Keep your finances up-to -date. Get computer savvy, indulge in good food.

Live like a king… be hearty and kind.

Channelise all the pent up energy by a regular work out. Boost your immune system. Pay attention to health. Avoid fights and confrontations.

Let go off anger..Detox

Cook,eat, love, pray, meditate, dance, travel (virtually), be healthy , stay fit.

Learn a new skill. Be with nature.

Catch with family at home . Play with kids and pets.
Reconnect on phone or social media with friends n family.

Indulge in day dreaming.
Get spiritually connected. Start writing.

Start a yoga routine.
Be fit stay healthy. Do a lot of household work to keep occupied. Walk your pets. Learn to be independant and self-reliant.

Confront your enemy and voice your opinions very diplomatically.

Make constructive plans.


Play or listen to music.
Chant a mantra or sing.
Pray, ask for forgiveness.

Experinent with painting or music. Learn an occult science.

Express your feelings. Discard whats out-dated.

Study, research. Your efforts will give fantastic results later.

Do small tasks everyday. Do one random act of kindness, daily.


Connect with friends. Match your goals. Start a game or activity you can do without meeting and compete with each other. See what you can achieve.


Boost your energy, pump up the adrenaline. Be active . Learn about your home enviornment and different cultures.

Start an online business.


Connect with different communities. Learn a language. Get into a community project (from home).


Read and expand your knowledge. Develop the art of silence and skill of listening. Be kind and helpful to women. Stargaze . Watch nature and discover its wonder.