Challenge of draping a Sari — Part2

There are 14 states in India that wear saris. So not all wear a sari. There are two states which still wear it as a two piece outfit, which is how the sari was infact worn. These two states are Kerala and Assam. Kind of strange that they are so apart, geographically. Kerala saris is called Mundu vesti, and the Assam outfit is called the Mekhla Chaddor. The pleating in the front was first done on a basic wrap to ward off ‘evil’ during vedic ceremonies. The concept of wearing a palla was sort of evolved in the north, with the roman greco influence during the Mauryan times. The concept of a drape that also has an elaborate ‘ending’ that can be worn as a pallav was an innovation for the ‘poor’ people, the ones who could not afford to get the two piece outfit. In my next write up, i will talk about one drape at a time. To know more, please read, Style Of India.

Concept and Styling: Geeta Khanna, for Style of India book, produced by Hirumchi Styling Company, Published by Hachette India. Harappa Goddess, Make up and Hair by Anu Kaushik.