creates a checkout page for selling a single product online

For when a full e-commerce platform is an overkill.


It used to be that getting a merchant account would be the hardest part of trying to sell something on the internet and receiving credit card payments.

Stripe fixed that (Thank you!).

Nowadays there are awesome platforms like Shopify for building a whole customizable e-commerce store. The number of SAAS platforms that do this are quite numerous.

But what if you wanted to throw up a quick checkout page for that single product you’ve got — like for an info product or tickets to your school play?

I need to sell this single cardboard box. But how???

Want to sell one thing? is a website that creates and hosts your single product checkout page. Users can create a checkout page with only their product’s name and price. Optionally, they can set the currency, description, and add one photo.

The main page. Check out the 0 Twitter Shares. Anyone care to click on that?

Once the page is created, you’ll get a unique URL that points to your product. There are no ads and the only back link is to the site’s main page.

If you integrate with Stripe, you’ll be able to receive credit card payments. You’ll need a live Stripe account, of course.

How much does it cost?

It’s free.

I built the site out of procrastination — I was actually supposed to be working on something else. Besides, shouldn’t it be easy to start an online business anyway?

If people find this useful, I may add some premium features to offset the costs of hosting.

Got any ideas? Want to sponsor this? Reach out to me via Twitter.

Shout Outs

I used for the CSS framework. Can create a site that looks okay even for someone who’s not a designer like me.

Anything else?

Umm… not that I can think of.

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