Mustard oil is made from the Mustard plant, the seeds of such plant are pressed to produce the oil (mustard oil). Mustard oil is very popular in the Indian subcontinent, especially in the eastern parts of India and Bangladesh.

In India and Bangladesh mustard oil is used as edible oil and considered to be very healthy, whereas, in the rest of the world it is considered to be toxic and not suitable for edible purposes.

Did you know, Mustard oil is actually banned for cooking uses by the FDA. Reason being the ingredient it contains called erucic acid that has been the caused of heart problems. Erucic acid is in the fatty acid family which is not well metabolized. It is known to be contaminated.

However, FDA does allow an alternate oil to use instead of mustard oil called mustard essential oil to use for cooking purposes.

Being derived from mustard seed, both mustard oil and mustard essential oils are totally different from each other in terms of process of extraction, chemical composition and medical properties. One of the uses is both can be used as massage oil.

Moreover, In Europe (some parts), there is a ban on selling this oil and in some countries it is sold as a massage oil reserved for external application only.



Yes, mustard oil works as an appetizer and boosts your hunger. It irritates the inner lining of the stomach and intestines, stimulates digestive juices, and creates a feeling of hunger.

People having hunger issues can have mustard oil added to their diet to get rid of it.


Applying mustard oil on skin can keep the insects away from you as it works as a good repellent for insects. This might be the most useful benefit for mothers to help their children fighting from insects.


Both (mustard oil and mustard essential oil) promotes sweating, when consumed and applied externally. It works as a stimulator for the sweat glands to produce more sweat by enlarging the skin pores.

This benefit of mustard oil helps in removing toxins, excess and water from the body. Very useful for weight loss.


Mustard essential oil is considered to be a powerful antibacterial agent as it kills the common and harmful bacteria and even certain types of yeasts.


Studies have shown that mustard oil helps in relieving the body pain. Mustard oil works against certain pain receptors in the body which means that it could block some pain signals.


Mustard oil has cancer fighting properties, it contains a lion amount of linolenic acid. This acid when gets converted to omega 3 fatty acid, helps prevent stomach and colon cancers.

Its also said the mustard oil is better than fish oil for such cause.


This is the most well known benefit of mustard oil. Mustard oil contains zinc and selenium and that too a large amount of it. These nutrients are the reason for hair fall, without these two nutrients our hair begin to fall.

In the ancient times, people from Rome and Greece used to massage their hair with mustard oil to have good and healthy hair. They strongly believed that it is good for hair.

Just a little addition of mustard oil to your daily diet can prevent hair fall and keep the baldness from you by stimulating new hair growth. Mustard oil even helps you to get relieve from stress and headache, just a gentle head massage with and you will feel very relaxed. A little addition of lemon with mustard oil can even help you get rid of dandruffs.

You just have to take mustard oil and get a nice massage for your head to keep your hair healthy and make them grow more. A little advice from me, after you get a gentle scalp massage with mustard oil cover your head with warm cloth. This will help the oil to get in your hair roots completely and will give you better results.

One more thing, I have been looking for some forum websites and came across a question about mustard oil. It was, what happened if mustard oil kept in a freezer?

Mustard oil is very thick so you need to keep it in a very low temperature area to make it freeze, let’s say 5–10 degree Celsius. Usually the freezer compartments of the refrigerators generally maintains the temperature of around 18 degree Celsius, so you cannot freeze mustard oil or cannot make yellow and oily ice cubes out of it with the refrigerators you have at your home.

However, there will be no impact on the healthy nutrients of mustard oil if kept in refrigerators.