• What is Yoga??

Yoga is one of 'Sat Darshanas" or the six philosophical schools of India and it is mostly understood as uniting the body and mind with higher levels of awareness, or in simple words Yoga from"Yuj" which means union, union of something with something , like soul with divine, lower with higher, mind with spirit and the list goes endless.

The ancient Shiva philosophy "Saiva Siddanta" also talks about yoga, called" ShivaYogam", which is mastering the breathing which sustains our gross body to live on this earth. According to this belief system, Doubt, Fear, Carelessness, Dissatisfaction, Ignorance, Fickle-mindedness, Lack of Self Trust are some of the main hindrances for true yoga. Any Yoga should reinforce firm faith to overcome all the above factors so that any individual can life with more hope and determination. Yoga is not just a metaphysical practice but real yoga should equip anyone practicing to have a more meaningful life.

So in the name of yoga trying things beyond our scope and understanding is never emphasized by any system, real yoga always talks about self improvement and constant evolution.