Yoga way the easy way for Evolution.

"Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in our negligence,rather a precious science which is the need of today and the culture of tomorrow"-

Modern science and Ancient philosophies of the world always points out to us that everything in this universe is evolving and we are also evolving,,,, So from here if we have to evolve, what would it be? 
At physical level man has a perfect design; our body is well tailored by nature or the supreme force for better living.

There are no extra organs to shed and to create a change in our physical structure. Then where is our next Evolution going to be? The next change that can possibly happen would be something around the "Mind", which is the cradle for many modern inventions. Now we are standing at our next stage of growth and this starts with our mind. This would be considered just as another start.

Thinking better means living better, living better means living a full life and everyone of us wants to achieve this goal. To succeed in anything like business, relationship, education etc. we need to see differently and we have to approach things creatively in life . Sure there is a need for an evolved mind, which is going to open a new level of living.

The importance of this mental evolution was perceived and understood by the ancient Indian rishis some 5000 years ago. The result is ,the wonderful Psycho Philosophical Evolutionary tool "Yoga", which is the science of living and something that has to be incorporated into every walk of our daily life.

Man has evolved from Primitive man to Practical man and the next level, which he could reach, is psychic and spiritual evolution. The key element in this process is the evolution of the mind. To evolve easily and continuously we have to follow a practical approach which should bring us benefits and make us better, that is what is promised by yoga always.

If I want to reach my destination from A to B, I need to have a clear road, solid and safe means of transportation. Similarly my mind is carried by my body ,they depend on each other for support and “I” depend on them for my evolution.

What should I do to evolve??. I have to develop my body and my mind, since they are going to put me on the path of Evolution.

To create a creative, focused, and strong mind, we have to start with our body, the home of mind. Our bodies should be energetic and healthy. To create a healthy body and to harmonize our energies the ancient yogis developed so many highly evolved scientific techniques like asanas, pranayamas, mudras, bandhas, dhayana, kriyas etc. that forms the foundation of Human excellence.

Yogis have developed various practices, which could prepare them for extreme conditions and pressures of the mind. Those practices were time tested, they are powerful and practical at all times. Coming back to present day world, modern life has put us in many extreme conditions ranging from physical, emotional or mental tensions and our body has lost its equilibrium with anything around us and with in us. Because of the lack of this equilibrium our body is not perfect and tuned to its fullest potential. Yoga restores this equilibrium and helps develop better body and mind.