Every time I start to read a book and reach the end — I get enlightened.

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The most beautiful characteristic of a design community is about passing on the learnings; shaping junior designers’ thinking; Being inclusive of their passion and turning it to solve problems for humans.

I read a book this week to shape product design thinking which was suggested by one of my school’s alumni and I finished reading this book with a great thought

If they ask your opinion, offer it, but empower them to make the decision with the best information at hand! — CEO of Design Department, Mia Blume

Here are some key takeaways from design leads — a TLDR version

1. How designers should change their mindset?

I was inspired while I am on my readings that change the way we see the world. I came across design experts talking about ‘4 Quadrants of Design Responsibility’. Last week I watched the ‘Social Dilemma’, a docu-series on Netflix. Feel like readings & reels go hand in hand. Here are my takeaways!

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Move from left to right (X-Axis): Your Constraints and interdependencies grow complex.

Move from bottom to top (Y-Axis): You design for Individual to Society. Fewer assumptions about needs and wants, motivations.

Why did the Helluva Fish Hook Come into the picture?

As you take inspiration from the real world (Back from History), this was designed to only…

I am excited to be part of innovative projects in my academic timeline as a research assistant at IUPUI for Dr. Andrew Miller, Dr. Saptarshi, Dr. Judy Gichoya, Dr. Sherri Bucher and Upcoming Dr. Sarah Nikkah.

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Passion project 1

Designing an app from scratch for mHBS (mobile Helping Babies Survive) suite with NeoWarm Biomedical device in tandem for preventing hypothermia in newborns.

Theme: Preventing neonatal deaths in low/middle-income countries by bridging the communication gap and giving voice to the voiceless newborns.

My Role: Product Designer

Timeline: June 2020 — Dec 2020 (Expected)

Supervised By: Dr. Saptarshi Purkayastha & Dr. …

I participated in a business innovation competition where I focused on trending problems in the education sector and came up with an idea that could transform the way high school students receive counseling for their post-secondary education and career.

The initiative is to bring down the drop-out stats in earning the primary degree and also bring awareness to explore the options in different genres. I introduced ‘EDsie’ to help students and schools.

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Here is my story behind the big day yesterday.

Ever since I began my masters in HCI, I had been passionate about solving real-world human problems and contributing…

The article focuses on exploring the areas of improvement in the game “Godus” and apply concepts of human factors to redesign it! — Reflections on Psychology of HCI

About the game “Godus”!!

Godus is a single-player game where the player plays the role of a “God” and help the followers in the game to find a promising land to live and build the civilization. Unlike other games, this game does not have explicit levels, but they have cards as plots that help them explore the “Homeworld timeline.” Living in the grass, improved housing, farm and civilize, different types of abode…

A week ago, I was asked to discuss the core tenets of my design philosophy. Curiously, I started jotting down on what I think a great designer should own. Impressively, my brain poured a couple of thoughts from my past readings and experience. I feel excited to share them with you all as well. Here you go…

Humility — Marcelo Paiva, in his medium article, states that humility is an ingredient to nurture a real and thriving team environment. I wholeheartedly agree with this opinion, having a strong impulse to defend one’s own solution can cause unnecessary frustrations. …

Geetha Priya Padmanaban

Product Designer

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