24 hours ago, I felt the taste of Innovation

I participated in a business innovation competition where I focused on trending problems in the education sector and came up with an idea that could transform the way high school students receive counseling for their post-secondary education and career.

The initiative is to bring down the drop-out stats in earning the primary degree and also bring awareness to explore the options in different genres. I introduced ‘EDsie’ to help students and schools.

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Here is my story behind the big day yesterday.

Ever since I began my masters in HCI, I had been passionate about solving real-world human problems and contributing to the community. Early February 2020, I came to know about JagStart (an entrepreneurial business competition at Indiana University — Purdue University).

On the kickoff day of the competition, I pitched my crude thoughts around K12 education as I was wondering about the public education system in the United States and grabbed the helpful minds' attention that knew where I was heading.

After the official kickoff day of the competition,
One of the entrepreneurs asked me, “Do you like to be “Lucky or Smart?”
I am the sort of person who falls “in-between” option most of the time because I appreciate the beauty of diversity (I believe that I fall somewhere in the spectrum of Polymath).

I chose the answer “Smart” as I was recently inspired by watching Bill Gates’s docuseries “Inside Bill's brain” and I was inspired when he confessed that his fear: “I don’t want my brain to stop working,” and I believe that my brain could make miracles. I bet I get the craziest ideas to the team (half of them would go to trash, though). Lol. Disclaimer: No intention to brag.

As the workshop progressed, I learned how entrepreneurs think about business innovations. Ideas revolve around the below quadrants.

Idea Classification Matrix

I refined my ideas and the pitch with mentors who were true entrepreneurs. I appreciate the time spent to build other entrepreneurs through contests like JagStart. I moved my idea from “Invention” to “Innovation”

What kicks off you as an innovator?

That magic moment happened when I heard,

“There is nothing like this exists as of today” — I feel much appreciated that I learned the taste of innovation!”

Some of the testimonials I received (Unedited)

K11 Students — “Ah! I liked it! Can I download this from AppStore?”

40+years Entrepreneur — The history of ventures is littered with marginalized/dismissed/ignored innovators. Your idea really could change the world of education.

I am in the process of taking this initiative to get this idea to hand of students. Feel free to reach out to me if you think you can contribute to the development of getting ‘EDsie’ to schools and students.

Presentation Deck is here.

We can talk more about this here or on LinkedIn or feel free to shoot me an email at geepriya360@gmail.com

Vote of Thanks: I wholeheartedly appreciate the entrepreneurs who mentored me throughout the process Roger Christian, Barb Cutillo, Wesley Crouch, Kim J.Brand.

Product Designer

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