How product reviews can drive sales — Shopify stores

Geetika Guleria
Apr 12, 2018 · 4 min read

Looking to boost your revenue but haven’t added a product review feature yet? Perhaps it’s high time you did! Today, on an average, a consumer will view nearly 10 information sources before making a purchase and about 92% consumers read online reviews (Read 50 stats you should know about online reviews). A few reasons why adding product reviews to your store is important:

· Consumer reviews are more trusted than descriptions that come from manufacturers. It makes pages more useful to consumers and results in a significant increase in user traffic. Increasing review volume helps in higher conversion rate eventually.

· Since many ecommerce sites use standard manufacturer descriptions of their products, user generated content (UGC) from reviews helps differentiate a product in search results. It also helps in improving page ranking when it comes to long tail searching. People writing reviews generally include specifications that others will actually use while searching for the product. Here’s an example of long tail keywords:

image source

· Social commerce company Reevoo claims that bad reviews are actually good for business. Sounds counterintuitive right? Well, consumers trust reviews more when there’s a healthy balance of good and bad reviews, they otherwise suspect faked reviews/censorship when there’s nothing negative at all. Needless to say, a healthy balance of bad and good reviews is needed to help convert. For instance, if 10 out of 15 reviews for a product are bad, the conversion is likely not bound to happen.

While Shopify offers a product review app, there are multiple other apps on the market. Here are some of the good ones:

  1. This app focuses on optimizing the user experience on Shopify and claims to be the fastest review widget with HTML & CSS stored in Shopify metafields. It offers features such as in-mail review form, pictures, social push etc. Here’s an example of a facebook page showcasing product reviews with the help of this app:

Statistically speaking, consumers tend to write product reviews for products that already have a lot of reviews. As a result, other products with barely any review might not drive any sale. offers the concept of “Coupons” to incentivize customers to generate reviews. You may use it along with the “Advanced Blacklisting” feature that disables review requests for certain products or customers to get reviews for less reviewed products.

Their automatic snippets allow for showing the product rating in google search results.

2. Product Reviews Addon: The top-rated reviews app, it offers a wide range of features like customizable in-mail product review form, checkout, photo and video reviews and Instagram curation etc. It offers multi lingual support for sending across review request emails, has an AI powered feature to check if a review matches the rating, allows for creating a gallery of Instagram images and include on important product pages and many other cool features. Example of pushing positive reviews to social media to drive sales:

3. Loox Reviews: This app also has a high rating and allows customers to post reviews with photos of themselves using the product that can be used to create creative galleries of reviews. Consumers trust user generated photos nearly 12 times more than the professional photos uploaded on product pages. Loox offers a one-click set up, allows for just textual reviews, social media sharing of reviews, smart product recommendations in request review mails to help with upselling etc. Here’s a screenshot of what your product page might look like after integration:

There are many more apps available on the store and based on your budget, you can choose which features fit your business needs the best. Now that you know how important product reviews are, rush to the app store!

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