Eye for an Eye

I was just scrolling through my news feeds on Facebook when I saw this lovely post of a friend who was celebrating our 2 years of friendship. Facebook memory! I saw my memories and I found this written —

"Cooperation, not confrontation, should define our relationship"...said Nawaz Sharif underlining the "primacy and urgency" of addressing the issues of Kashmir and peace and security between India and Pakistan..!! 
The point is that despite these peaceful initiatives...will the two countries agree on a broad range of measures..!!! And that too along with the issue of terrorism!! Hope that the two countries refrain from a failure again in stabilising relationships and the sufferings of people!!!”

This was my Facebook status update on 1st October 2015! I was hoping. My country was hoping. And here we stand now in October 2016. 17 of our Bharatiya Jawans killed in Uri area of Baramulla district Kashmir. It was reported as “the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades”.

And then India carried out surgical strikes in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir region dismantling terrorist camps and killing 2 Pak soldiers.

This was an Eye for an Eye! And no-one knows where will this all lead to. There could be a nuclear devastation between India and Pakistan but amidst all this why does humanity and humanitarian values have to suffer!

Pakistan has banned Bollywood movies in its boundaries as the tension of Kashmir has touched the peak. Indian film directors have refused to cast Fawaad Khan and any other Pakistani actor. Pakistan based artists in Indian film industry are going through a tough phase. Why? What has art and culture, talent and skill to do with this dirty business between the two countries? Adnan Sami who supported the Indian army was being mocked at. Will the mass stop hearing songs sung by Atif Aslam & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan? Why do people think that the whole Pakistani population are terrorists? It cannot be so. Even they are suffering!

I really wonder if a war is up. If I’ll witness confrontation of the two nation in the battlefield. The wounds of the Great Indian Partition are still fresh, this might add some layers of fresh toppings to it!

Even today I hope for COOPERATION and not CONFRONTATION! It shouldn’t be an Eye for an Eye!

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