I miss mailbox

Screenshot from the Dropbox Blog

Nearly a year ago, Dropbox killed the most used app on my iPhone, namely Mailbox. It was my favorite email client for iPhone and the Beta version for Mac was better than anything we have today. It felt great to reach “inbox zero” and the fact that the app helped me do it was awesome, the design was awesome and it worked seamlessly with Gmail.

I really wish Dropbox hadn’t killed it, but I am sure they had their reasons, as most big companies buying smaller startups do, they want to kill their competition or perceived competition. If there is another reason for killing Mailbox I would really like to know.

Similar to what Microsoft did to Sunrise, it was the best calendar app on my iPhone, and the Mac version was pretty damn good too. But then Microsoft buys it and force feeds it to Outlook, the result a mediocre addition to Outlook.

screenshot from twitter

I recently saw this Tweet from Ev and I have to agree, there is still no really good to-do list, calendar, or mail product out there. Don’t get me started on the terrible apple offerings, it’s like they really don’t care about what their users do on their products, and all they want you to do is buy a new Mac, iPhone or iWatch every 12 months, thats it. The other products like Outlook, Spark, Wunderlist, AnyDo, Todoist etc all have parts I like, but nothing really good is out there.

We have a lot of smart developers and designers, lets hope one of them, or someone else builds something that will make our lives simpler and more effective.