To Do:- Simplify your life

How are you? No!! I won’t ask this lame question. Let me ask you a different question. Did you smile today?

We are so busy with our lives that we forget to smile everyday. We forget to notice the little things that can make us smile. Life has become so complicated that it has become a challenge to simplify it.
We are always available on call to work.
We are always in race to do better than our colleague.
We are always rushing!! rushing!! and rushing!!
What about the simple things? When will we notice them? When will we start doing little things? The answer is NOW
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♥ Let’s start simplifying our lives a little bit for a clutter free mind and life ♥

  1. Tell the truth: To tell the truth is the mark of a person with character. In today’s professional warfare, twisting the truth has become a norm. Trust is lacking in personal and professional relationships. People are not honest about their feelings, their agendas and their intentions, for the fear of being rejected or judged. Being rejected and judged on the truth is far better than living a lie. Aspire to be honest no matter what the consequences. You will be happier and abundant in all that counts.
    2. Appreciate goodness: Some of us rank first in the queue of criticism and in the same breath; we are the last to appreciate. Remember this that whatever you appreciate will grow in your experience. When you compliment and appreciate someone, they will always return your gesture. Appreciation like any other outflow of emotion and it has a boomerang effect; it comes back to you multiplied. Give genuine appreciation and you will be richly rewarded with more.
    3. Don’t do to others that you would not have others do to you: Often I have seen people put others down on one pretext or another. The person who puts others down is far unhappier than the person belittled. Measure every action by the rule, “Would I have this done to me?” If your answer is no, don’t do it. Always treat people with the grace and dignity they deserve even if your opinion about them is otherwise. When you treat people a certain way, indirectly you are sending out the message of how you should be treated. Treat people with respect, no matter what your opinion.
    4. Take care of yourself: Some people look after their cars better than they look after their own bodies. I sincerely believe that someone who is not interested in looking after himself is a disaster waiting to happen. The ultimate disrespect one can bear upon oneself is not to consider oneself worthy enough of being treated well. You can’t complain when others don’t treat you well, if you can’t do that for yourself. Treat yourself with love, and you will find yourself in a zone of pure happiness.
    5. Be competent: The greatest joy one gets is out of his own competence and accomplishments. Competent people have higher self esteem and self worth. They consider themselves capable of adding value and that increases their happiness quotient. Be competent in your field of endeavor.
    6. Have the attitude of gratitude: Gratefulness is the key to greatness. It puts you in a state of acceptance and tolerance. You can’t be grateful and not be happy. Gratitude is the most gracious path to happiness. Be grateful for all that you have, and when you are grateful for that, you will never be in a position of lack.
    7. Set a good example: The highest form of living is by setting a good example. No matter who you are, how small or big, there is always someone watching you and emulating you. And if you have children, then the responsibility of setting a good example is far greater. When you direct your life consciously towards setting a good example, you can never go wrong.
Life is beautiful and the keys to happiness are simple. In fact, unhappiness is a clue that we have deviated from fairness, honesty and compromised on our integrity. The slightest pinch of negativity should direct us towards the simple rules of being happy. Life is worth living if you allow yourself to be happy. It’s easy. Be happy. Be Positive.