Market Survey

Market Survey Data

Waffle Sticks 3.46

Siracha Pretzels 5.78

Popcorn 2.54

Organic Fruit Snacks 4.33

Googly Eyes 2.43

Top 5 Ideas

Waffle Go -Sticks!

Sriracha Pretzels

Organic Fruit Snacks

Kid’s Pre-popped Popcorn

Edible Googly Eyes

Benchmarking 2x2s and Patent Search

Waffle Sticks — There are other waffle sticks, but portability is not their focus and they do not have syrup pouches.

Sriracha Pretzels — This uses another brand in the ingredients. Gourmet and homemade recipes for spicy pretzels exist.

Popcorn —Already exists, but not specifically marketed towards kids.

Organic Fruit Snacks —These are already prevalent and in the Annie’s brand.

Googly Eyes —These exist as cake decorating but not for every day use.

Feasibility Concerns

Waffle Sticks — How will pre-made waffles and maple syrup keep?

Sriracha Pretzels — Getting Sriracha would be difficult?

Popcorn — Will kids want pre-popped popcorn?

Organic Fruit Snacks —Will the cost be too high?

Googly Eyes — Can these be made with natural ingredients

Personal Statement

I think most of these ideas would be good for Annie’s brand because they fit within the current product lines. Moreover, they are geared towards kids and can be made with healthy and natural ingredients. This reflection discounts the pretzels because I don’t think kids would want spicy food, and the ingredients would not be simple enough.