Sometimes, problems and failures pile up like snowballs. At such times we feel desperate and it seems that there is no point in continuing to try.

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Woody Allen

For those who want to engage in e-commerce through Amazon or boost their profits in the marketplaces of the e-commerce giant, what products they will choose to sell is a major decision.

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Leadership: A term that we have been reading, analyzing, and discussing a lot in recent years, especially recently with the phenomenon of the pandemic has radically changed the landscape and within it the profile of current leaders.

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The age of different needs from leaders

In Denmark, education is not just about academic courses. It is the contact with the body, the emotions, the empathy, the courage to fail, the ability to connect but also the hygge.

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How can a simple salesperson on Amazon become a multi-million dollar salesperson? What are the secrets of the most successful sellers on Amazon? What are the sellers looking for today in the global e-commerce platform and how much did the past year, namely, the outbreak of the pandemic affect them?

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Amazon FBA can be one of the most profitable side hustles. Here is how to do it right.

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They just do these 8 things, says one best-selling author

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The changes that will help you get closer to your goals.

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An educational manual, taken from the lives of millionaires.

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A millenial writing about self-development, personal finance and career advices

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