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Auto insurance or Vehicle Insurance

=Geico Claims=

Car Insurance is among most crucial policy coverages for automobiles. However, this kind of policy may vary from state to state in a country itself as well as the regards to cover and protection may alteration of percentages and ratios. A car insurance policy provides protection to vehicle owners whenever you have accidents involving cars covered by these policies together with extend protection for damages caused to 3rd parties.

Broadly, auto insurance policies cover six risky categories, the premium payouts are based on the pricing per of those separately.

� Accident or collision cover
� Bodily injury liability
� Comprehensive
� Medical
� Property damage liability
� Uninsured motorists’ coverage

Accident cover or collision cover — provides accident and injury coverage for covered person if he sustains injury while travelling in the insured vehicle, along with damages on the insured vehicle.

Bodily injury liability or alternative legal liability — an individual could be legally forced to pay compensation if his car causes trouble for 1 / 3 person or ends in the death of your third person. Most car insurance policies provide cover against legal liabilities that are brought on by accidental damages to 3rd person and property. A policy limit for injuries or death is just not fixed and is dependent upon a case-to-case basis.

Comprehensive — some plans cite this as ‘Vehicle Damage’ such as natural calamities. Comprehensive generally excludes accidents but includes theft, and injury to car from natural calamities including earthquake, explosion, fire, flood, hurricane, landslide, lightning, falling objects etc.

Medical — also referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), this covers therapy of injuries for the occupants of the insurance holder’s car in the course of a car accident. It might include include medical or hospital bills, lost income and many other clauses which may vary.

Damage to property Liability — provides cover against damage by the covered person to third party property. A policy for property damage is certainly caused by defined.

Uninsured motorists’ coverage — this covers treatment costs with the insurance plan holder from injuries sustained through accident or collision with an uninsured driver or vehicle. But not all state insurance rules specify or require that vehicle owners have to have insurance to cover every one of these risks, they recommend minimum liability protection for bodily or injury protection and property damage.

Other components which might be included as add-on risks depending on need or request from policy holders are:

� Auto replacement
� Car hire coverage
� Towing coverage

=Geico Claims=

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