Democracy, Loyalty, and Trump’s Deep State

The President of the United States is constantly under heavier scrutiny than any other national leader in the world. When POTUS and the team behind the President make a mistake, members of professional media outlets and the vast armies of the political industry are poised to force the issue down the throats of the American People. Even media darling President Barack Obama had to contend with the classic narrative that a lack of leadership was causing his Administration to implode. With the early ouster of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, as well as the future of high profile figures like Chief Strategist Steven Bannon, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer in doubt, the unraveling of the Trump Administration is a story the Press is waiting to break.
Trump’s willingness to fire, reassign, or promote subordinates based on their performance can, however, be seen as a positive. In politics, the fear of looking incompetent often leads public officials to maintain the status quo and retain under-performing officials. Given Presidential terms are only four short years, Trump’s lack of paralysis might be a very helpful thing. On the other hand, the reasons Mr. Trump might retain or terminate a particular subordinate are questionable. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration appears to prioritize loyalty to the President above all other qualifications, which means he is likely to fire and retain the wrong subordinates. Instead of purging government of weak links, the Trump Administration will be busy fighting a “Deep State” of dissenters.

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